How to Make Guest Blogging Work for You?

Guest blogging or guest posting has garnered a considerable amount of attention to build up your customer base and earn a reputation for being an authority on a specific subject.

Unfortunately, many bloggers find that after a few posts they are not receiving much if any attention to their work. It can be quite discouraging to spend considerable time and effort, only to get little in the way of a response.

The good news is that blogger outreach through guest posting can work if you gear your efforts towards getting the results that you want. This takes more than researching and writing a good post; it means expanding your efforts to find places where your posts will be read, understood, and get a response.

Create Leads
The primary purpose of guest blogging is to build leads for your efforts. This means that you will be required to link a solid landing page that readers will download. Linking to your homepage or social media account is not enough.

You are trying to create leads that will turn into web traffic and then customers, so you will need a lead magnet on your landing page along with an email provider so you can create the proper leads for your efforts.

Find the Right Platform
One big issue that guest blogging faces are being on the right platform to reach the people you want. You do not want to waste your time and effort on posting for blogs that do not have a lively or engaged audience, share content, or have little potential to drive traffic.

You want your posts on sites that offer an active audience which posts responses and engages your work. While you may have to start with smaller blogs to build up a portfolio, you should turn to the bigger, more productive ones as soon as possible.

Always Reply
For every comment that should garner a reply to your post, do so. Get into the routine of reading the comments and replying when it is appropriate. You should do this even if the owner does not respond to the comments.

You can learn a lot from the comments regarding how useful your post was to the readers. While not every response you get will be helpful in a direct way, keep in mind that you will learn more about the audience by replying to their answers.

Connect Before You Pitch
You may have the absolute pitch in the world, but it won’t do you any good if the blog owner is not interested in what you offer.

So, you will need to establish contact with them first by replying to their posts, sending back a reply to their newsletter, or sharing their content and tagging them.

In the initial stages, you are not trying to pitch them, but rather engage them with the content they are offering. That way, you will get to know the blogger first before making your pitch which will improve your chances considerably.

Naturally, you will want to promote your guest posting so that it maximises its blogger outreach. You will also need to hone your posts so that you can perfect your writing and get the responses which work for you.

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