Bored With Your 9-5 Jobs? Try Freelancing and Earn More Money

There are hardly any people who like living the same day over and over. With a boring 9 to 5 job, every day starts with your annoying alarm going off. You snooze and sleep for five more minutes and contemplate whether you want this job or not. Just like every day, your brain starts to wake up and knocks some sense in you, and you get out of bed to start another day. It seems as if someone has put you on autopilot and you can’t do anything from your own.

This is the type of life which was taught to us. Society told us that this is the standard way to live a “successful” life. However, thanks to the continually developing technology, we do not have to conform to every norm set by society. Some people find 9 to 5 jobs a secure and stable way of income, but, freelancing jobs pay more for a lot less effort and also saves cash in various ways. For instance, by freelancing, you do not have to pay for the commute or go out for spontaneous lunches with your colleagues.

What does a 9 to 5 job even offer? A vacation for two weeks per year, being surrounded with people you do not like, and you get paid at peanut rates. While on the other hand, freelancing allows you to work from home, flexible timings, vacations anytime you want, and the best part is that you decide your own salary. Due to these benefits, more and more people are quitting their fulltime jobs and becoming freelancers.


Why should you resort to Online Tutoring?

Jumping to self-employment from a 9 to 5 job is not a very easy task. You will have to work for extra hours until you are stable enough to quit your day job. However, many freelancing jobs can help you earn triple your current salary within the one month notice of leaving your day job.
For instance, with an online tutoring job, you can easily earn at least $20 per hour. With online tutoring, you can teach your student by sitting at your home or any place you want and make a decent amount of cash. The timings are flexible, and you are as busy as you want.


How to efficiently jump to freelancing?


To jump from a full-time day job to a freelancing one, you need to take care of the following aspects:

1. Manage your time efficiently:
Time management is an essential skill that you must develop if you want to jump to a freelancing job. Initially, it will be hard to manage your time because you will be working the whole day and as soon as you reach home, you will have to find clients and complete their orders. Hence, you should set up a timetable and get rid of your skill of procrastinating.

2. Be goal-oriented:
You cannot just leave your day job because, of the charm and independence of freelancing. Have a goal in mind as to why freelancing is better for you. Furthermore, also have a plan of how much you want to earn by the end of the month. Without a goal, it will hard for you to remain motivated to work since you are your boss now.

3. Decide your rate:
Before starting a freelancing job, research the average rate and decide your own. Keep in mind that you may not earn a lot during the starting months, but, it entirely depends on your skills and how much you can commit to the job.


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