Timeless Guest Blogging Guide that Works All the Time

Perhaps you have put everything you had into writing quality guest posts, only to find them sinking with the hundreds of other posts online. You evaluate your analytics and wait for the visitors to arrive, to no avail. Then you realised that your efforts in guest blogging have failed to obtain any traction.

The issue with guest blogging is that it is not a magic formula for blog growth. Some guest posts will disappear into obscurity, but this does not have that way in your case. You can now have a competitive advantage over other many other guest bloggers in the industry.

Effective guest blogging takes effort, time, discipline and determination. When guest blogging is done right, you will reap remarkable success. Take a look at the main things you have to do to make it work.


Contribute to Websites that are Worth your Time:
Most blogs you could contribute to are just a waste of time because they do not have an engages the audience. You have to evaluate every blog and before contributing to them, make sure that they have an engaged audience, they sufficiently share their own contents and that they have potential to drive traffic. You also need to have the ideal visitors you want to reach, and your blogs should speak to the similar audience.


Use Guest Post to Establish your Email List:
Always link to a landing page where the readers can download your own lead margent in your author biography. However, if you have a lot of lead magnets, just use the one which is the most useful and relevant.
To get started, you will need an email provider, landing page and lead magnet. The ideal lead magnet is the one to solve specific problems. You can do a template, checklist or a collection of resources.


Connect First before you Pitch:
Many blog editors get a lot of pitches from people that they do not know. You may have the best pitch in the world, but it is not a guarantee that you will land the guest posting opportunity you are seeking for.
Of course, a good pitch is very helpful, but you would want to land such opportunity before anything else. This can be achieved in some simple ways, such as leaving a comment on blog posts, replying to an email newsletter, social media status or sharing content. These are only the basics, as there are other ways to gain the influencer’s attention like getting into their inbox. Engage them in the conversation. This is the reason why it is crucial to connect them first.


Take the time to comment and reply to every comment that comes to the guest post. This can help enhance your reputation in the eye of the commenter. Also, when the author finds that you’re making the best to make your post even better, this will increase your chance of another guest post that will be approved. Moreover, replying to comments enables you to drive traffic to the website.

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