Is Investing Your Time and Energy on Blogging Worth It?

In 2021, many people have been locked up in their homes. With a lot of free time, many people have made blogs to spend their time fruitfully. Many people have started blogs about fashion, food, writing, and photography, spreading their knowledge and passion among other people.

Read these seven reasons to learn why blogging is really worth your time and effort.

1.    You are your boss

When you are self-employed, you have the freedom to work according to your terms. For example, if you have a blog, you can work from home or while you are travelling. Moreover, you get to decide what time you will work and for how long.

2.    You can earn passive income

Once your blog has gained popularity and attracts constant traffic, you can keep earning even when you are sleeping, travelling, or working on something else. With a blog, you do not need to be present for it to run.

You do not have to be answering to any boss or catering to any clients’ needs. Plus, if you have built it using Search Engine Optimization strategies, Google will continuously send traffic loads to your blog.

3.    You can make a difference

Once you gain a large audience’s attention, you can gain support cause for that you believe in and voice your opinion. For example, you can use your blog to gain support for a charity or encourage your audience to use their voice against social injustice.

4.    You can become a better writer

The only way you can become a better writer is by constantly practising —that’s precisely what you will be doing if you start a blog.

5.    Your photographic and videography skills will improve

Once you start your blog, you will get interested in other things related to your blogs, like photography and videos. Your blog will be motivated to learn and improve your skills, as taking photos and videos is crucial for your blog. Constant practice and your efforts will make a difference as practice makes perfect.

6.    You can gain popularity and respect

Investing time and effort in your blog can lead to its success and make you famous. More and more people will want to learn about what you feel about specific topics, and you will gain respect from all your friends, family, and fans. You can even earn more followers on your social media accounts.

7.    Blogs can act as your portfolio

Whether you are a writer, cook, or photographer, you can build your portfolio using your blog. Plus, their work gets easily attracted by many other people. It also becomes much easier to get a job in the same niche.

To conclude, here we have discussed a few reasons for blogging and using your free time in a better way. Although it will take time, your efforts will bear fruits.

Not only blogging enhances your writing skills and helps you build your potential, but it is also an effective medium to show your expertise in the field of your interest. In addition, it works as your online portfolio, if nothing less, and helps you land better jobs for stark career growth.


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