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Top UK Business Listing-Citation-Directory

Local search, which aims to provide accurate and relevant results to Internet users according to their location, is in full swing. Users are now making queries such as “Piccadilly hairdresser” or “Piccadilly Pizza Shop“. According to a study, 30% of requests on the Internet are now oriented towards local search. If you concentrate on the mobile only, the percentage reaches 50%!

At present, only 37% of companies present on the web are proactive in terms of local referencing. The potential of local SEO is therefore not fully exploited, especially because many companies do not know where to start.
Here is an update on local referencing and tips on creating citations, a key factor in a winning local strategy.

What is a quote?

Quotations are references from your company on the web that contain at least your “NAP” (Name, Address, Phone number) and possibly other details such as business hours, contact email, etc. . Note that quotes do not need to contain a link to your company’s website to be considered as such by the search engine algorithms.

If quotations are important for any type of company, they are especially important for local businesses or small service companies that do not have a website since search engines then rely more and more on directories to extract Information about them.

Volume and Consistency of Business Citations:

Since the Google Pigeon update, citations account for more than 15% in local SEO factors. Search engines judge your company on the number of directories on which it appears. So think about creating citations on the most popular directories like, but also on local directories such as for example.

However, a large volume of citations is not enough. Another essential factor is the accuracy of the information and the consistency of the information between the different directories. We will see later in this article that errors in quotes cancel their positive effect on your local SEO and make them even harmful for your establishment.
The directories are the sites on which quotes are the easiest to create since most of the time is enough to create an account and submit a request yourself.

Nevertheless, do not forget that directories are not the only websites on which you can get referrals from your company. So do not hesitate to contact local chambers of commerce and newspapers but also popular blogs that might have a connection with your company.
We recall that a quote is recognized by search engines even if it does not link to your site. Tell the bloggers that you are not trying to do “link-building”, you only want a mention of your establishment including a name, an address and a phone number.

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