The Advantages and Disadvantages of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is something that always happens more often in recent years. This guest blogging is so popular, it must also mean that the benefits entails. And that is certainly true! But still there are some drawbacks to guest blogging.
In this article the main pros and cons and then it’s up to you to decide whether guest blogging is for you or not you think!

Benifits of Guest Blogging

1. Guest Blogging creates a larger audience and brand awareness

Guest Blogging is a very effective means of ensuring that more people visit your blog. Down the guest blog site you include a link that redirects to your own blog and that has a positive impact on search engine optimization. Regular guest blogging also provides additional backlinks to the website and that is very good for your SEO. With a guest blog one can pull suddenly a whole new audience!

2. Guest Blogging expands your network

Guest Blogging is a great tool to gain more contacts. Because as it were, builds a bond with these people (you “work” for them after all), you can easily expand your network. This can be very relevant for any collaboration in the future.

3. Guest Blogging makes you an expert in a particular field

If you submit a regular guest blog post on one or more blogs, people will recognize you automatically. It’s smart to your guest blogs about letting go one particular subject. In this way, people recognize you as an expert in that area.

4. Guest Blogging provides more unique content

This applies whenever you are thinking of hiring a guest blogger. Guest Blogging may well be part of content marketing. Someone from the outside can again write a very different view on things and do other things than you or your employees / colleagues. More unique content also makes for more positive results.

Disadvantages of Guest Blogging

1. It is difficult to understand your audience when you’re not the target audience

If all is well, you know the target of your own business and blog very well, maybe I made you buyer personas so you have a clear idea of who your target audience. If you write for an unknown website, it is not always clear to you what they want to read. Moreover, leaving many people do not like their favourite blogs to go to yours, you have to admit them as a very good reason.

2. It takes a lot of work and time and does not always something on

Only the approach of all blogs takes a lot of time. It takes a while before you’ve found a blog where you can guest blog for. Once you have found a relevant blog, you need to stab a lot of time writing a good article. If it is placed, which is not always the case; it is questionable whether results will come from. In short, it is a very time-consuming means of which you are not sure whether the result will have.

3. More and more applications

You should always keep in mind that the platform where you want to place your guest blog may decide not to place the article. It is a risk that not be ruled out. Many popular blogs, where you want, of course, your article are inundated with emails from people who want to guest blog for them. The main objective is of course come to the attention and gets good links. At one point, applications this known blogs tired of this current, especially if it is only for self-interest and the guest blogger thinks not about the blog.

4. It takes a long time before you see results

Guest Blogging is not something that in the short term already paying off. In fact, it often takes months before you actually see results. Additionally, one guest blog you will not succeed. If you want to see real results from guest blogging, you need to blog regularly.

I wonder: is guest blogging is for you, if you just keep it in your own blog?

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