5 Advantages to Write a Guest Article

Most bloggers who seek tips for better blogging know the concept of the guest article. Small reminder for the new ones, this is just to offer editorial content (one article) on another blog! 😀

Here you go:

1: Quality of Work
On one’s blog, it happens that one lets himself go in the writing of an article by fatigue or procrastination.
However, in this case, the content you are going to deliver must be impeccable. Except the copied / pasted and other plagiarism, even by far, you must be the author of your article from A to Z. Note the credits pictures, the references and your subject.
One word of order, excellence!
This work is not lost and good habits easy to learn, what you can do for others will be just as good for your blog.

2: The Disrepute
Quality work is recognized. It is your fame that is at stake. Guest articles are a way to get known and gain influence, but you will be just as ridiculous if you plant yourself! A good point for you, the first barrier to pass is the blogger at whom you write. If your work is nil, it will deny you and you will lose a huge chance of making yourself known.

3: Traffic Search
Do not hide our eyes, writing a guest article in a successful blog is an opportunity to increase your own traffic. When the article is released, you will collect a large peak of visits. This is where you have to be smart and not miss the coach.

4: Rising Turnover
Do not neglect the aspect of your blog, the ads highlighted as well as your eBooks, etc. If you go from one day to the next 100 to 1000 visits a day, even on a limited time, this is the opportunity to take advantage of the potential benefits of these new visitors. But be careful not to pervert your blog; do not turn it into a Christmas tree with blinking advertisements in every corner.

5: Small Bonus, the blogger’s mailing list …
Writing a guest article on a successful blog is already a great victory, but the most is to get your article published on its mailing list! In a single sending, your article will reach several hundred to several thousand readers. With this trick, you will get more readers than leaving dozens of comments on 50 different blogs!

To conclude, the guest article is a great way to earn SEO, yet need to be serious enough on the subject.

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