What is Guest Blogging and how to Practice it?

What is the principle of guest blogging?


The guest blogging is an animation technique of your blog that allows both benefiting from the notoriety of the guest author and thus attracting new readers. More precisely, a blogger can invite a person, as a general rule it is an expert in his field, so that the latter produces an article presenting his vision of his trade, advice etc.

This is a free way. The guest blog is based on a principle of reciprocity and win – win relationship.

That is to say that the guest blogging will allow the blogger to feed his blog content while diversifying his production and appropriating the notoriety of the expert. For his part, the expert will benefit from the visibility of the blog which can bring him new prospects, visitors for his website and the opportunity to do personal branding.


What is the guest blogging’s interest in?


The practice of the guest blogging will allow developing:

  • Relationships between bloggers
  • Create a faithful community
  • Improve natural SEO by inserting links to the site of the guest blogger
  • The visibility of the 2 websites
  • Benefit from each other’s network
  • Tips for finding a host blog


Before publishing:

  • Target influential bloggers in your area of ​​expertise
  • Targeting blogs practicing guest blogging
  • Inform you about the profile of the blogger in order to personalize your message
  • Identify the needs of this blogger in order to answer


When the host blogger agrees, you must:

  • Offer unique content
  • Provide relevant and interesting content
  • Propose a fairly substantial content between 500 and 900 words
  • Adopt a powerful and easy-to-read style
  • Aerate your paragraphs, use bullets
  • Find a punchy title
  • Use keywords in headings and body of the article
  • Insert links to your website
  • React to the comments of the Net surfers
  • Tip for finding your guest blogger


In general if you are a blogger with some influence in the blogosphere and your expertise is recognized within your community, you will not need to look for contacts, they will manifest themselves.


When a blogger contacts, one should:

  • Check the identity of the guest blogger
  • Fix the rules that the guest blogger must respect: number of links, number of words…
  • Do not appeal too often to the guest bloggers because a blog is above all personal
  • Read the article carefully before publishing it because it must follow your editorial line
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