The Disappointment of Guest Blogging Using Software

This is a onetime practice encouraged by Matt Cutts, Google’s anti-spam manager. So great was the surprise for the readers of his blog who could discover that he now condemned it, corrupted according to him by goals of natural referencing.

So what now thinks Matt Cutts of the guest blogging?

The guest blogging, or with a more famous accent “a guest article”, is a very effective net-linking technique, which allows to create relevant traffic and promote link-baiting. It is also a very good opportunity to gain visibility and reputation in logic more marketing than SEO.
In any case, the principle remains the same: a person writes an article that will be published on the blog of another person. In this article, you will find one or more links to the author’s website. The guest blogging is therefore a giving-giving practice: the author of the content improves his net-linking and exposes himself to a new audience, the owner of the blog benefits from quality and relevant content, all for free.
Often used between bloggers for a rather “innocent” purpose, guest blogging is a good technique for gaining positions on search engines, provided of course that it is well done. However, the method is so effective that it attracts all types of SEOs, from the more rigorous or more brutal not hesitating to use spam at all.
Reason why Matt Cutts is today unhappy.
Matt Cutts condemns the guest blogging spammy

“If we use the guest-blogging as a way to gain links, we should probably stop”. That is clear! Matt Cutts does not want a guest blogging optimized for SEO, let alone when it is done using software, which helps accentuate spam, Google’s # 1 enemy.
And it is for the manager all the more disturbing when money enters the system, that is to say that the “guests” have actually paid their place. For now, Google does not penalize guest blogging activity (and could hardly do it), but Matt Cutts wants to disavow what was, basically, a good idea before spammers around the world did not ‘ There.

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